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Dental/Dental Hygienist

2024 Dental Hygienist License Renewal Bundle

This bundle of courses will fulfill the required 24 hours (26 hours if you are due for Domestic Violence-due every third renewal) for a dental hygienist to renew their license.  It includes the core requirements of Medical Errors and Domestic Violence (due every third renewal).

The deadline for renewal is 2/28/24 at midnight.  We will report completions approximately every 30 minutes until 11:00 pm. After 11:00 pm you will need to self-report.  Even after reporting, it can take CEBroker up to an hour to upload to the board.  It is usually faster, but we have no control over this.


This bundle includes modules on:
Medical Errors Prevention in Dentistry-2 hours
Domestic Violence-2 hours
Hypersensitivity-4 hours 
Patient Compliance and Its Effects on Oral Health-3 hours  
Vaping and E-Cigarettes for Dental Professionals-2 hours
Pain Management For Dentistry Patients With A History of Addiction-4 hours  
Comprehensive Care For Anxious Dental Patients-3 hours
Medical Emergencies-4 hours
Oral Cancer-2 hours

This course will award 26 hours of continuing education credit.  If you would like to switch out any of the lessons, email [email protected].  
Provider number:  50-204

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