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Dental/Dental Hygienist

2024 Dental Hygienist License Renewal Bundle

This bundle of courses will fulfill the required 24 hours (26 hours if you are due for Domestic Violence-due every third renewal) for a dental hygienist to renew their license.  It includes the core requirements of Medical Errors and Domestic Violence (due every third renewal).




This bundle includes modules on:
Medical Errors Prevention in Dentistry-2 hours
Domestic Violence-2 hours
Hypersensitivity-4 hours 
Patient Compliance and Its Effects on Oral Health-3 hours  
Vaping and E-Cigarettes for Dental Professionals-2 hours
Pain Management For Dentistry Patients With A History of Addiction-4 hours  
Comprehensive Care For Anxious Dental Patients-3 hours
Medical Emergencies-4 hours
Oral Cancer-2 hours

This course will award 26 hours of continuing education credit.  If you would like to switch out any of the lessons, email [email protected].  
Provider number:  50-204

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