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Dental/Dental Hygienist

2024 Dental License Renewal Bundle

This bundle of courses will fulfill the required 32 hours for a dentist to renew their license.  

This bundle includes modules on:


Medical Errors Prevention in Dentistry-2 hours
Domestic Violence-2 hours
Hypersensitivity-4 hours 
Patient Compliance and Its Effects on Oral Health-3 hours  
Practice Management 1 (Adheres to the Standards of Rule 64B4-12.0175, (FAC) 
Human Trafficking-1 hour
Oral Cancer-2 hours  
HIV/Aids-2 hours
Tooth Whitening-3 hours  
Counseling and Treating Bad Breath-3 hours
Safe and Effective Prescribing of Controlled Substances  2 hours
Infection Control in the Oral Healthcare Setting-3 hours  

Medical Emergencies-4 hours

This course will award 32 hours of continuing education credit.

You can register for and take these courses independently.  This bundle has put all the courses together, which is not timed and you can come and go from, but if you prefer to take the courses separately, you can sign up for each one as an independent course.  They are listed alphabetically in this Dental category.

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Provider number:  50-204


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