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Florida Certified Addiction Professional (CAP) Tier 2 Initial Application Content Specific Training

The Certified Addiction Professional (CAP) is a professional credential awarded by the Florida Certification Board for people who provide services to individuals with substance use conditions.

The CAP application is structured in two “Tiers” depending on the type of related bachelor’s degree held by the applicant. This bundle meets the Tier 2 application contest-specific training requirements.

Tier II delineates bachelor’s degrees that are in health and human services, but usually do not contain counseling-specific topics. Training hours for Tier II is 250 hours. Please see the Florida Certification Board’s website for a list of degrees that satisfy Tier 2 status  *See our CAP TIER 1 Initial Application Content-Specific Training Course if this is more appropriate for you.

Tier 2 CAP applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree or higher in a health and human services-related field.  They must complete 250 hours of content-specific training (this course will meet this requirement)

Beyond the content-specific training you receive from BaysideCEU, an applicant also needs 4,000 hours of addiction-specific related work experience, 150 hours of on-the-job supervision with an FCB-approved qualified supervisor with references and a Florida Certification Board exam.  Please see the Florida Certification Board’s website for full application requirements.

This course will award 250 continuing education hours.  Please see the board approval box for course approvals.

Author:  Roger Crutchfield, CAP

Relevance:  This course is designed for addiction professionals.

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