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Florida Certified Addiction Professional (CAP) Initial Application Content Specific Training

The Certified Addiction Professional (CAP) is a professional credential awarded by the Florida Certification Board for people who provide services to individuals with substance use conditions.

CAP applicants must hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher in a related field.  They must complete 350 hours of content-specific training (this course will meet this requirement, related work experience, on-the-job supervision with references, and an exam.  

This course is comprised of multiple lessons on the domains of:

  • Clinical Evaluation
  • Treatment Planning
  • Counseling
  • Case Management and Referral
  • Client, Family, and Community Education
  • Documentation
  • Professional Responsibilities
  • Ethical and Professional Responsibilities
  • Understanding Addiction
  • Professional Readiness

This course will award 350 continuing education hours.  Please see the board approval box for course approvals.

Author:  Roger Crutchfield, CAP

Relevance:  This course is designed for addiction professionals.

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