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Dental/Dental Hygienist

Dental Hygienist License Renewal Bundle with Domestic Violence 26 hour 2022


Upon successful completion of this course the user will be able to:

  1. Discuss prevention techniques for medical errors that frequently occur in the dental field.
  2. Identify the areas most prone to medical errors in the dental field.
  3. List and define the ethical principles used in dentistry and dental hygiene.
  4. Discuss the safe prescribing of a controlled substance.
  5. Explain the symptoms of Burning Mouth Syndrome.
  6. Discuss how the use of marijuana complicates the dental visit.
  7. Explore the use of marijuana in treating dental issues.
  8. Understand how to respond to a medical emergency in the dental office.
  9. Understand the role of and implement the use of personal protective equipment to prevent or reduce the risk of occupational exposure in the oral healthcare setting.
  10. Understand the role and implement appropriate hand hygiene
  11. Understand the role of and implement environmental infection control to provide a safer work environment.
  12. Understand the importance of post-exposure follow-up and associated policies and practices to reduce the risk of post-exposure infection.
  13. Understand the principles of and implement transmission-based precautions to prevent the potential spread of specific diseases such as COVID.   
  14. Understand the principles of and implement respiratory hygiene/cough etiquette, i.e., basic source control measures with patients, visitors, and oral health care personnel with signs and symptoms of respiratory tract infection.
  15. Understand the principles of administrative controls and establish exclusion policies from work and patient contact.
  16. Utilize and employ motivational interviewing techniques to induce patient compliance.