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Dental License Renewal Bundle With Domestic Violence 32 Hours 2022

This bundle of courses will fulfill the required 30 hours for a dentist to renew their license with the addition of Domestic Violence totaling 32 hours.

The Florida Board of Dentistry requires that dentists complete 2 hours of Medical Errors Prevention, 2 hours of Safe and Effective Prescribing of Controlled Substances, included in general hours, 2 hours of Domestic Violence every third renewal, and 26 other general requirements for a total of 32 hours.  This bundle meets all of these requirements.  

*Please note if this is your first renewal locate our First Renewal Dental Bundle 2021.
These lessons can be split across renewal periods using some for one and the others for the next renewal.

This bundle includes modules on:

2 hours of Domestic Violence 20-806762
2 hours Medical Error Prevention in Dentistry 20-841474

2 Safe and Effective Prescribing of controlled substances 20-841490
3  Covid in the Dentist 20-841184
2 Marijuana And Its Effects on Oral Health  20-828802
2 Burning Mouth Syndrome  20-816900
1 Human Trafficking 20-841450

4 Medical Emergencies 20-841506
1 Mandated, Highly Recommended, Vaccines for Dental Professionals 20-841570
3 Motivational Interviewing To Induce Positive Patient Behavior in Dentistry 20-841968
4 Nutrition and Dental Health 20-842842
3 The Use and Recommendation of Power Toothbrushes 20-846016
3 Dental Implant Hygiene 20-842220

This course will award 32 hours of continuing education credit.  Please see board approval information below.

Course ID: 20-Listed above
Provider number:  50-204


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