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Behavioral Technicians

Florida CBHT Initial Certification Content Specific Training-30 hours

The Florida Certification Board’s Certified Behavioral Health Technician (CBHT) credential designates competency in the domains of Foundations of Behavioral Health; Direct Care and Recovery Support; Conflict Resolution and Safety; and Professional Responsibility. 

In addition to an application, a high school diploma or general equivalency degree,1,000 hours of behavioral health related work experience, 24 hours of on the job supervision and the Certified Behavioral Health Technician Exam the Florida Certification Board requires 30 hours of continuing education to apply for a Certified Behavioral Health Technician certification.  This bundle includes all of the courses necessary to meet this requirement.  For more information on the credential visit the Florida Certification Board.  BaysideCEU does not offer the credential, only the continuing education piece of the application.

This bundle offers:
8 hours of Clinical Competence  20-358844 (Core)

4 credit hours of Maintaining Client And Personal Safety 20-457840  (Core)
4 credit hours of Documentation and Patient Confidentiality  20-364720  (Core)
4 credit hours of Ethical and Professional Responsibilities 20-397551  (Core)
1 credit hour of Baker Act 20-616370 (Elective)
1 credit hour of Abuse Reporting in Florida 20-584197 (Elective)
2 credit hours of Aggression Control Training 20-603283  (Elective)
3 credit hours of Ethics for Allied Health 20-477052  (Elective)
3 credit hour  of Marchman Act 20-452249  (Elective)

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This bundle awards 30 hours of continuing education.

Course Provider:  50-204

Author: Leesa M. Robertson. M.ED., CAP, NCC, LMHC


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