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Florida CAC, CAP, MCAP Renewal Bundle-20 hours 2022


Upon successful completion of this course the learner will be able to:

Gain an understanding of the various ethnicities in the United States.
Explore the histories of each population as they became part of the American way of life.
Understand how important diversity is when working with different cultures.

Define what detoxification means.
Describe a patient’s rights to them.
Explain how HIPAA affects detox treatment.
Discuss confidentiality
Handle a client who has a grievance or complaint.

Discuss the settings that use drug tests.
Discuss the types of drug tests and what drugs they screen for.
Identify what affects the accuracy of a drug test.
Discuss how long specific drugs remain detectable in the body.
Explain general collection methods.
Discuss legal issues with drug screening.

Define human trafficking and the types.
Recognize the signs of someone who has been trafficked.
Create treatment plans for survivors of human trafficking.

Discuss the components of Medication Assisted Treatment.
Explain what behavioral treatments might be used in a MAT program.
Discuss the medications used in a MAT program.

Describe Motivational Interviewing and from what foundation it was developed.
Explain ambivalence and its role in client motivation.
List the five principles of Motivational Interviewing.