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Florida CRRA Renewal Bundle-10 hours 2023

Florida Certification Board requires 10 hours of continuing education to renew a Certified Recovery Residence Administrator (CRRA) certification.  The bundle includes all of the courses necessary to meet this requirement. 



This bundle offers:

  • Americans with Disability Act of 1990 and Affirmative Duty For Recovery Professionals  2 Hours (Domain:  Recovery Residence Operations and Administration)
  • Drug Screening 2 Hours (Domain:  Resident Screening and Admission
  • Nutrition, Psychotropics, and Mental Health 1 Hour (Domain:  Resident Recovery Support)
  • Medical Marijuana Stigma, Regulations, Addiction 1 Hour (Domain:  Resident Recovery Support)
  • Client Rights and Grievances 1 Hour (Domain:  Legal, Professional and Ethical Responsibilities)
  • Advocating for the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Client  2 Hours  (Domain:  Legal, Professional and Ethical Responsibilities)
  • Ethical Considerations for Substance Abuse Counselors  1
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This bundle awards 10 hours of continuing education. 
Course Provider:  50-204


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