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Counseling and Social Services

Florida Laws and Rules Pertaining to SW, MFT, MHC, CAP, CAC 8 Hours


Upon successful completion of this course the learner will be able to:

1. Explain the specifics of the Florida Evidence Code Chapter 90.503 as it pertains
to Psychotherapist-Patient Privilege.
2. Explain F.S. 2000, Chapter 394 as it pertains to Mental Health.
3. Explain F.S. 2000, Chapter 397 as it pertains Substance Abuse.
4. Explain F.S. 2000, Chapter 415 as it pertains to Adult Protective
5. Explain F.S. 2000, Chapter 456 as it pertains to Professional Regulations in Florida.
6. Explain F.S. 2000, Chapter 491 and Rule 64-B4 as it pertains to Florida law and the rules of the licensing board for Clinical Counseling and Psychotherapy Services.
7. Discuss client confidentiality, informed consent, and client rights and their impact on services provided.

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