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Florida CAC, CAP, MCAP Renewal Bundle-20 hours

Florida Certification Board requires 20 hours of continuing education to renew a CAC, CAP, or MCAP certification.  The bundle includes all the courses necessary to meet this requirement for any of the three certifications.  

This bundle offers:


  • Medical Marijuana Stigma, Regulations, Addiction 1 Hour 20-915390 (Counseling Domain)
  • The Use of Psychedelics in Mental Health 1 Hour 20-909268 (Counseling Domain)
  • Compassion Fatigue 1 Hour 20-909723
  • Methadone 1 Hour 20-995284 (Ethical and Professional Responsibilities)
  • Improved Cultural Competence 2 Hours 20-910223 (Ethical and Professional Responsibilities)
  • Co-Occurring Disorders 1 Hour 20-889723 (Counseling Domain)
  • Mindfulness 1 Hour 20-907200 (Counseling Domain)
  • Change, Already 1 Hour 20-915244 (Counseling Domain)
  • Documentation and Patient Confidentiality 4 Hours 20-364720 (Documentation Domain)
  • Exploring ASAM Levels and Criteria 1 Hour 20-860013 (Clinical Evaluation Domain)
  • Family Counseling with Addiction Issues 3 Hours 20-203919 (Counseling Domain)
  • Reducing Against Medical Advice (AMA) Discharges in Recovery 1 Hour 20-764425 (Case Management and Referral Domain)
  • Ethical Considerations for Substance Abuse Counselors 1 Hour 20-624487 (Ethical and Professional Responsibilities)
  • Court Orders, Subpoenas, Testifying, and Risk Managed Documentation (Documentation Domain)
  • Internet Addiction 1 Hour 20-915348 (Counseling Domain)

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This bundle will award 20 hours of continuing education.  Please see below for board approvals.

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