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Behavioral Technicians

Marchman Act for Behavioral Health Technicians

This is a core 3 hour requirement elective for the CBHT training certification.

Substance abuse results in impairment that affects the individual, his or her family and all of society. The objective of substance abuse services in the state of Florida is to provide a comprehensive continuum of prevention, intervention, and treatment services in the least restrictive environment of care that protects and respects the rights of clients.

This course will explore the Marchman Act which was designed to provide a person with emergency services and temporary detention for substance abuse assessment and treatment when required.

This course will award 3 continuing education hours.  Please see board approval information below.

Author:  Leesa M. Robertson M.Ed., CAP, NCC, LMHC

Relevance:  This course is designed for masters level counselors, addiction professions and nurses who have direct client contact

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Provider Number:  50-204

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