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Lesson 2: Great Customer Service Back to Course Index

What Does Great Customer Service Look Like?

Customers are key. Always thrive to provide the best experience possible. Without loyal and happy customers, a business cannot thrive. Always provide personalized attention to your customers. Understand their needs, and help find a solution. Always be prompt, honest, go out of your way to make the customer happy. Two words: Over-Deliver! [toggle title=”Customer Service Do”]

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  1. Answer your phone.
  2. Don’t make promises unless you will keep them.
  3. Listen to your customers.
  4. Deal with complaints.
  5. Be helpful – even if there’s no immediate profit in it.
  6. Train your staff (if you have any) to be always helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable.
  7. Take the extra step.
  8. Throw in something extra.

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  1. Ever break your promises.
  2. Make things overly complicated for your customer.
  3. Let your automated systems make using your website or business difficult for your customers.
  4. Forget that your customers have a strong sense of fair play.
  5. Forget to say “thank you.

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Customer Service Synopsis


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  1. Customers have the gold, therefore they make the rules
  2. Service is created from the inside out; those who are not well served do not serve well.
  3. Look at everything through your customer’s eyes.
  4. Go beyond satisfying the customer.
  5. Add value to every transaction.
  6. Convert complaints into commitment.
  7. Make your customer a partner.
  8. No matter how good your service gets, keep making it better.
  9. Honor thy customer (but humor thyself)

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If you work just for money, you’ll NEVER make it, but if you love what you’re doing and you always put the customer first , success will be yours.