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Wound Care Management Back to Course Index


  • Inadequate or improper communication
    • Set realistic goals and expectations
    • Communicate these to the patient and the family
    • Most conflicts arise at all levels because of a difference in expectations
  • Family members
    • Include in care plan
    • Invite family members to rounds

Modern Wound Management

  • Moist wound bed healing
  • Based on scientific data, not tradition
    • For example, wounds should not be left open to air


  • Debridement
    • Sharp
      • Most effective
      • Contraindications


  • Coagulopathy (for example, from anticoagulant therapy)


  • Ischemia


  • Pain


  • Patient refusal
  • Enzymatic


  • Frequency of dressing changes
    • Minimize to decrease nursing care and patient inconvenience
    • Dressings may require changes daily, every few days, even weekly


  • Control exudate
    • Promotes wound healing by achieving proper moisture balance
  • Reduces risk of infection
    • Decreases periwound maceration


  • Control odor


  • Nutrition


  • Adequate protein stores is essential for wound healing
  • Assess serum albumin or prealbumin
  • Refer to dietician when indicated