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This course will explore how elderly abuse is defined, the signs and symptoms and how it can be combated.

We will also explore the requirements of Florida Statutes Chapter 415.  Reporting requirements will be reviewed.

This course will award 2 continuing education credits.

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Upon successful completion of this course the learner will be able to:

  1.  Define elderly abuse.
  2.  List the signs of elderly abuse.
  3.  List the categories of elderly abuse.
  4. Discuss how to report elderly abuse.
  5. Report potential elder abuse in the state of Florida.
Board Approvals:

Florida Board of Nursing
Florida Board of Occupational Therapy
Florida Board of SW, MFT, MHC
Florida Council on Dietetics and Nutrition
Florida Board of Dentistry
Florida Certification Board

This course is not for NBCC credit.

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