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What is the refund policy?

Bayside Continuing Education offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, a course does not meet your expectations, simply return the certificate (if printed) which we will void and we will refund your payment.  We will resend completions through the boards.

What is the grievance policy:

Bayside Continuing Education and Development has earned an excellent reputation in the continuing education industry through committing to relevant quality content, exceptional communication, and quick responsiveness.  We take dissatisfied customers very seriously and have built the following policy to address any concerns regarding not only to ensure our client base is satisfied but also to endeavor to bring the best product to our users. 

If a customer brings a complaint via telephone call, email, or mail the complaint will be openly researched across the team including the continuing education director, Social Work Consultant (Ms. Schiller, LCSW), Professional Counseling Consultant (Ms. Lloyd, LMHC), and Alcohol and Other Drug Contributor (Mr. Ellingham, CAP).

All complaints or items brought to our attention will be addressed within 30 days to determine the possible perception of bias, strengthening decision making, maximizing objectivity, and creating a relevant, accurate, and fair program. 

A grievance, whether made to BaysideCEU or a partner facility, will be addressed and kept as a record, as well as the resolution to improve future programs. 

Refund request will be granted within in 30 days of request. 

Contact information for grievances will be posted on the website and any advertisements.