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Clinical Competence CBHT

Clinical competence is paramount for behavioral health technicians as they play a crucial role in supporting individuals struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues. Possessing a solid foundation of clinical skills enables these professionals to effectively implement treatment plans, provide appropriate interventions, and ensure the safety and well-being of clients. With competence comes the ability to accurately assess client needs, recognize signs of distress, and respond with empathy and professionalism. Additionally, clinical competence fosters trust and confidence among clients and interdisciplinary teams, ultimately enhancing the quality of care and promoting positive outcomes in behavioral health settings.

The Florida Certification Board approves this course and meets the 8-hour requirement for the Clinical Competence Domain for the initial application for CBHT credentials. Please see the Florida Certification Board for full details on these credentials, including formal education, other content-specific training domains required, work experience, supervision, and required exams.

This course will award 8 continuing education hours.

Please see the board approval box for course approvals.