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Content Creator Collective

You have experience.

We have a population that wants to learn.

BaysideCEU is actively seeking a limited number of authors to develop quality learning opportunities for professionals in the industry to continue to grow professionally and personally.

Write one course…write regularly. It’s up to you!

Content Creator Collective

Let us know if you want to be included in the Content Creator Collective emails.  When there is a request for a new topic, we send out an email with the required length, format, topic, time frame, and reimbursement, and if you are interested, you respond.  If it is not good timing for you or not a topic you are knowledgeable about, no problem, don’t respond.  We will select an author from those that respond based on the speed of response and evaluations on other content created and move forward.  We let the other interested parties know someone beat them to the job.  No issues; watch for future emails.  

The reimbursement is not necessarily based on length, although the required length will be stated, but varied based on the population needing the content and its necessity.  In other words, we may request an author for Abuse Reporting in Idaho at 1,000 words with a reimbursement of $200.00 and, in the same email, request an author for Aggression Control at 2,000 words with a reimbursement of $600.00.  You would know in advance the reimbursement and length requirements to decide if it is something you are interested in working on.

The first one will be going out this week.  We generally send out 1 to 2 a month.  Sometimes more, sometimes less.

Email us at [email protected] to join this group!