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Maintaining Client and Personal Safety CBHT

Maintaining both client and personal safety is a fundamental responsibility for behavioral health technicians. These professionals must adhere to rigorous protocols and guidelines to ensure a secure environment for clients while also safeguarding themselves from potential risks. Implementing thorough risk assessments, de-escalation techniques, and crisis intervention strategies are essential tools for managing challenging situations effectively. Additionally, practicing active listening, empathy, and clear communication can help establish trust and rapport with clients, contributing to a safer therapeutic environment. Prioritizing ongoing training and self-care is also crucial for behavioral health techs to mitigate burnout and maintain their own well-being, thereby enhancing their ability to provide high-quality care while upholding safety standards.

This course is approved by the Florida Certification Board for those seeking a Certified Behavioral Technician credential. It meets the 4 hour requirement for the Maintaining Client and Personal Safety Domain.

This course will award 4 continuing education hours.

Please see the board approval box for course approvals.