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Facility Membership

BaysideCEU provides high-quality continuing education for over 100+ Substance Abuse and Mental Health Facilities across the United States. We offer over 250+ relevant courses for your employees to not only earn continuing education credits, but to also empower your employees to grow. Using our knowledge and content, we have divided our courses into 4 separate packages, each designed to fit certain Facility needs.

All our packages include access to the following Key Features:

Each user gets a personalized dashboard featuring profile information, upcoming events, available courses, and courses specifically assigned by their facility.

With this Dashboard system, Employees will be able to quickly and effortlessly identify the courses assigned by their facility, ensuring they know precisely which courses to complete and when.

Our Facility Dashboard contains all functionality needed to manage your facility’s continuing education. Featuring a Groups Management System, assigned Group Leaders can effortlessly control access to courses, assign specific courses, track their employees’ progress, and more.

Our commitment to delivering the best drove us to connect with professionals nationwide for future content creation. Proudly, we’ve officially collaborated with 81+ certified professionals, known as Bayside CEU’s Content Creator Collective. Each member brings distinctive backgrounds, specialties, and experiences, providing a rich source of inspiration for all our offered content.

We simplify your reporting responsibilities by reporting every course completion every 24 hours to CEBroker. This allows you to focus more on supporting your team’s progress and development, without the need to manually track and report these milestones. We ensure that compliance and learning achievements are seamlessly managed, letting you prioritize the growth and success of your employees.

We offer 4 Facility Membership Packages:

1. Mental Health and Substance Abuse Package

$45.00 per employee/per year*

With the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Package, your facility employees will have access to all relevant Mental Health and Substance Abuse courses BaysideCEU provides. This is a combination of over 100+ courses, tailored to provide all required continuing education your staff needs for renewals. All for only $45.00 per employee per year.

To Sign-Up, simply click Buy Now and then Check out. You will be automatically assigned as the Group Leader of your new Facility Group Account.

* Reduced rates are available for employers with over 100 staff members.
Click here for a reduced quote!

2. Aggression Control Training and HIV Package

per employee/per year*

Your facility employees will have access to the De-escalation/Aggression Control and HIV bundle.

3. Workplace Racial Equity, Equality, Diversity and Sensitivity, and Sexual Harassment Package

per employee/per year*

Your facility employees will have access to Workplace Racial Equity, Equality, Diversity and Sensitivity, Sexual Harassment bundle.

4. Custom Course Package For Specific Facilities

Contact for Individual Pricing Options

Facilities that require a custom bundle, please contact us at [email protected] for pricing information.

* Reduced rates are available for employers with over 100 staff members.
Click here for a reduced quote!

Want to Receive a Full-Service Audit Every Month?

For an additional fee, BaysideCEU will provide you with a compliance report highlighting who is due and who will be due next month.

To add this on to your Facility Membership, please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

For Example: If you have 51 Employees, you would pay $102.00 per month, and your auditing is finished!

Additional Information

  • You may host coursework or orientation materials your facility makes available to their employees via our learning management system with a one-time set up fee of $100.00 per course.  This will only be accessible to your group members.
  • You can request specific titles beyond the current product list.  We have over 81 instructors and can generally accommodate requests in a timely manner.  
  • Employees can take as many of the courses in this group product as they wish. Non-relevant industry titles, bundles created for license and credential application and renewal, exam prep courses, whole health content courses, and full live/virtual format courses are not included. Individuals can utilize our coursework to fulfill credential and licensure applications and renewals, but through individual course selection, not pre-created bundles.  
  • You can utilize the seat you have purchased for the entire year.  If an employee leaves your employment, you can replace them in the current seat.  You cannot rotate employees, but you can replace them.  
  • You can add seats at any point during the agreement, but please note that this does not change the annual renewal date for any seats in the group.
  • Each individual has a unique sign on and we test for understanding. Please supervise staff appropriately. We offer the information, but we cannot be held responsible for your staff properly utilizing the information.