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Ethics In Social Work


Upon successful completion of this course the learner will be able to:

  1. Explain why making ethical decisions has become even more critical today to professional survival.
  2. List four core values for keeping one’s practice ethically healthy.
  3. Describe five types of unethical mental health professionals.
  4. Utilize a step-by-step strategy in making ethical decisions.
  5. Discuss personal and situational influences on how to make decisions.
  6. List two steps to improve ethical decisions made under behavioral emergency and crisis conditions.
  7. Discuss five appropriate steps for addressing unethical acts by a supervisee or a colleague.

Course Outline:

  • Ethics in Social Work introduction
  • Ethical Principle Foundations for Best Practices 
  • Recognizing Unethical Professionals
  • Risk Awareness
    • Risk Management
    • Practicing Vigilant Ethics
    • Risky Situations
  • NASW Code of Ethics Discussion
  • CSWA Code of Ethics Discussion
  • Ethical Decision Making   
    • Decision-making Strategy
    • Ethical Decision-Making Under Behavioral Emergency and Crisis Conditions
      • Clients at Special Risk for Crises
      • Preparing for Crises in Advance
      • Crises in the Therapist’s Life
  • Colleague Supervision and Peer Monitoring
  • References

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