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Legal and Professional Responsibility CRSS

This comprehensive course is designed for recovery professionals seeking to deepen their knowledge and skills in a variety of critical areas. It covers essential topics such as ethics in recovery practice, legal issues specific to the field, and thorough training on HIPAA and 42 CFR Part 2 for confidentiality and privacy in substance use disorder treatment. The curriculum also includes modules on self-care strategies to maintain professional well-being and cultural competence to enhance the effectiveness of services provided to diverse populations. Additionally, the course offers practical training in the administration of Narcan, preparing participants to respond effectively to opioid overdose situations. This well-rounded program aims to equip recovery professionals with the tools needed to provide ethical, legal, and culturally sensitive care while ensuring their own health and resilience in the demanding recovery services field.

This course is approved by the Florida Certification Board for those seeking a Certified Recovery Support Specialist credential.  It meets the 22-hour requirement for the Legal and Professional Responsibility Domain.

This course will award 22 continuing education hours.

Please see the board approval box for course approvals.