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Maintaining the Physical Recovery Residence


Upon successful completion of this course the learner will be able to:

  1. Maintain a recovery environment that meets or exceeds resident needs meeting state, certification and license standards.  
  2. Maintain a healthy recovery residence that provides an alcohol and other drug free environment supporting recovery efforts
  3. Maintain a recovery residence that providers support and promotes community.
  4. Implement and maintain policies to ensure that the residents are courteous and compatible with the neighborhood and responsive to neighbor concerns, including but not limited to smoking, loitering, parking, noise, lewd or offensive language, cleanliness, and interaction with neighbors/concerned parties.
  5. Implement a property maintenance plan to proactively maintain both physical safety and a clean/orderly appearance of all physical properties.
  6. Promote home and resident safety by implementing and maintaining safety and emergency policies and procedures to address resident health, smoking/fires, natural disasters, and crisis intervention.
  7. Implement and promote peer governance of the residence in meaningful ways, such as resident established and implemented house rules, a residence council, leadership activities, and/or peer mentoring/role modeling.
  8. Maintain a “functionally equivalent family” within the residence as evidenced by policies and procedures regarding resident involvement with food preparation, household chores, use of common areas, expenses, and planned house meetings.
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