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Dental/Dental Hygienist

Patient Compliance And Its Effect On Oral Care

What happens in the dental chair only accounts for a small portion of oral care. Patients play a large role in the overall health of their teeth and gums. Compliance with health-related behaviors and recommendations is crucial to the overall effectiveness of a treatment program.

Patient noncompliance, which refers to non-adherence or only partial adherence to healthcare behaviors and recommendations, is a well-recognized problem, and it continues to be a major obstacle to appropriate care that ensures patients’ health and well-being.

This course will delve into the factors influencing noncompliance, effective interventions, and strategies for helping your patients achieve optimal outcomes.

This course will award 3 hours of continuing education credit.  Please see the board approval information below.

CEB Provider number:  50-204
CEB Course ID:  20-342214


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