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1. How does Bayside Continuing Education and Development online CE courses work? A. Bayside Continuing Education and Development is approved through several national and state boards to provide continuing education. Many state boards consider nationally approved hours as core (an example of this is the state boards for social workers and counselors in Florida and Georgia consider NBCC approved hours as core…check with your individual boards). Decide what course you are interested in and read the description, goals and objectives. If you choose to take the course you can pay, read the coursework, take the test (until you pass it) and then print your certificate all online! 2. Do I have to pay to take the test again if I did not get the required score the first time? A. No, you may retake the test as many times as you need without additional fees. 3. How long do I have to wait for my test score and my certificate? A. The test is scored online immediately upon completion. Once a passing score is achieved, you can print your certificate right from your own home or office. 4. What if I can’t print the certificate? A. You can email us and we will mail a certificate to you. 5. What is a passing score? A. 80% 7. What is your refund policy? A. Bayside Continuing Education offers a 30-day money back guarantee. If, for any reason, a course does not meet your expectations, simply return the certificate (if printed) which we will void and we will refund your payment. 8. What is the advantage to taking my CE courses online over live presentations or home study that involves mailing? A. Your time and your money are your most valuable commodities! Bayside Continuing Education and Development has designed CE courses that work with your schedule. With our online test scoring you immediately know if you have passed the course and can print a certificate without waiting for the mail. No more scheduling around your work and family responsibilities, no more paying for transportation and parking, online courses save you time and money! 9. I am interested in writing coursework for Bayside. What do I do? Background Requirements: 4 year degree with certification in subject area and a minimum of 5 years of experience in the industry you are educated in OR a masters degree with 5 years of working experience in your field. Course Submission Requirements: All submissions must include: 1: Stated objectives for the course (1….2….3….format) Stated goals for the course (1….2….3….format) A brief description of the course in paragraph form. 2. Course work is equated at a rate of approximately 10 pages per credit hour, so 30 pages=3 credit hours. 3. Reference page. Please utilize relevant information and have many resources dated within the last five years. 4. True/False test (20 questions for 1 credit then add 10 questions per credit hour). 5. Test Key. 6. Author’s resume (with certification/license numbers and boards) with a biographical paragraph. 7. Signed non-disclosure form faxed to Bayside Continuing Education and Development. (1st course submitted and/or annually). 8. Signed Writer’s agreement form faxed to Bayside Continuing Education and Development. (1st course submitted and/or annually). Process: Submitted courses are first reviewed for completeness. If any information is missing the course is placed in a pending file and the author is notified. Complete courses are reviewed for validity of content, evaluation questions, relevance to industry. The author is notified of needed revisions. Bayside Continuing Education and Development reserves the right to make editorial changes as needed. You will have the opportunity to review the final copy prior to its being place online.  Reimbursement: Coursework will be purchased on a flat fee basis. Coursework must be approved through Bayside Continuing Education and Development for continuing education credit with the appropriate boards prior to reimbursement. The process of approval of credit hours will be completed by Bayside Continuing Education and Development. Coursework that is submitted to Bayside Continuing Education and Development must only be used for Bayside Continuing Education and Development. For the rates for reimbursement contact us directly. Important Notice: Once all revisions are made and approved by both Bayside and the Author, payment is made and the course is then the sole property of Bayside Continuing Education and Development.