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Medication Administration Training and Laws For Non-Licensed Professionals: Florida Laws

This course reviews the difference between medication administration and assisting with self-administration of medication, as well as the goals, roles, and responsibilities of unlicensed personnel in medication assistance. 



This course will explore:  

  1. Basic terminology associated with medication use;
  2. Safe storage, handling, and disposal of medications;
  3. Comprehensive understanding of and compliance with medication instructions on a prescription label, a healthcare practitioner’s order, and proper completion of medication observation record (MOR) form;
  4. The medical indications and purposes for commonly used medications, their common side effects, and symptoms of adverse reactions;
  5. The proper administration of oral, transdermal, ophthalmic, otic, rectal, inhaled, or topical medications;
  6. Safety and sanitation practices while administering medication;
  7. Medication administration documentation and record-keeping requirements;
  8. Medical errors and medical error reporting;
  9. Determinations of the need for medication administration assistance and informed consent requirements;
  10. Procedural arrangements for individuals who require medication offsite and Validation requirements.

This course will award 3 continuing education credits.  Please see below for board approvals.

Author:  Deb Loughman, RN and Leesa Robertson, M.Ed., CAP, LMHC

Relevance:  This course is designed for masters-level counselors, addiction professionals, and behavioral technicians who have direct client contact with clients and may be in the role of observing the client/patient taking their medications.  

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Course Provider Number:  50-204


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