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Exam Preparation for the Florida CAP/MCAP

This exam preparation is based on the assumption that candidates for either the CAP or MCAP already have the requisite education, training, and experience needed to pass a certification examination.  It has been created to refresh candidates on the domains covered on the CAC or MCAP certification examinations offered by the Florida Certification Board.  



The domains for both the MCAP and the CAP include:

Clinical Evaluation
Treatment Planning 
Case Management and Referral
Client, Family, and Community Education
Ethical and Professional Responsibilities

This is not coursework for continuing education or content-specific training.  This is an exam prep course only.  This exam prep 

*All exam content is the exclusive and confidential property of the Florida Certification Board (FCB) and is protected by FCB’s intellectual property rights. As such, this exam preparation has been created by BaysideCEU, which is not a part of FCB.  BaysideCEU is an approved continuing education provider by the FCB, but we are not part of the FCB.  This prep is intended to assist a candidate in preparing and practicing for the exams.  The lessons and questions are based on the domains created by the FCB but are not taken directly from the exams.