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Recovery Oriented Systems of Care in Florida

The substance abuse treatment field is undergoing a shift from an acute care model of treatment to a chronic care approach, known as recovery-oriented systems of care (ROSC). 

Recovery-oriented systems of care (ROSC) is a framework for coordinating multiple systems, services, and supports that are person-centered, self-directed and designed to readily adjust to meet the client’s needs and chosen pathway to recovery.

This course will explore substance abuse, define Recovery Oriented System of Care,  explore the 17 elements of a ROSC, and how to assess how a program is moving towards this goal, as well as explore the guiding principles of Recovery.

This course will award 2 continuing education credits.  Please see board approval information below.

Author:  Leesa M. Robertson M.Ed., CAP, NCC, LMHC 

Relevance:  This course is designed for masters level counselors, addiction professions and nurses who have direct client contact.  

Course ID:  20-662387
Provider Number:  50-204


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