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Nutrition, Psychotropics, and Mental Health


Upon successful completion of this course the learner will be able to:

  1.  Understand the effects of food on medications.
  2.  Understand how food affects our brain and mood.
  3.   Understand how food affects mental health.
  4.   List common mental disorders associated with nutritional deficiencies.
  5.   Explain how food interferes with psychotropic medication absorption and metabolism.
  6.   Explain common interactions between psychotropic medication and food. 
  7.   Discuss how food has an emotional connection.
  8.   Explain how smells are associated with memories.
  9.   Discuss processed foods and how our bodies handle these.

I. The Effects of Food on Medications
II. How Food Affects Our Brain and Mood
III. How Food Affects Mental Health
Food and Psychotropic Medication

V.  Common Interactions
VI.  Food Carries Emotional Weight
VII.  Memories and Smells
VIII. Is Food Really Food Anymore?
Special populations

X.  Conclusion

Course Content