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Fire Safety

Brief Description:

Fire is a serious threat to any health care facility. Many clients have special needs that make them especially vulnerable in a fire emergency, thus increasing the risk of fire casualties. Health care staff must make every effort to prevent fires from starting and must be prepared to respond if a fire breaks out.



This course will award 0 continuing education hours.  Please see the board approval box for course approvals.

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Objectives of this Course:
  1.  Learn effective strategies for reducing the risk of fires.
  2. Discuss how to keep employees and clients safe by responding to fire hazards.
  3.  Identify the type of extinguisher to use for the type of fire.
Board Approvals:

This course is intended for staff training and does not award continuing education through a licensing board for license renewal.

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Brief Description:

Florida Certification Board requires 10 hours of continuing education to renew a Certified Recovery Residence Administrator (CRRA) certification.  The bundle includes all of the courses necessary to meet this requirement. 


The lessons fit into the domains of legal, professional, and ethical responsibilities and resident recovery support.

This bundle offers:

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This bundle awards 10 hours of continuing education. 

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Course Provider:  50-204


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Objectives of this Course:
Board Approvals:

NAADAC Provider #81892.  BaysideCEU is responsible for all aspects of programming.

Beyond National Approvals which meet most state and certification board requirements individual state board approvals for this course:
CEBroker Provider ID:  50-204
Florida Board of Nursing
Florida Board of Nursing-Certified Nursing Assistants
Florida Board of Clinical SW, MFT and MHC, #726
Florida Certification Board 5121-P
Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, And Marriage and Family Therapist Board for LPC
South Carolina Board of Social Work Examiners
South Carolina Board of Examiners for Licensure of Professional Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapist

Many state boards accept hours approved by other state and national boards. If your board is not

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Brief Description:

Recovery residences are sober, safe, and healthy living environments that promote recovery from AOD use and associated problems. At a minimum, recovery residences offer peer-to-peer recovery support with some providing professionally delivered clinical services all aimed at promoting abstinence based, long-term recovery. This course will explore the supportive environment and types of care generally offered in a recovery residence.  We will look at recovery plans, lengths of stay, participation requirements, supportive services, and relapse prevention.


This course will award 30 continuing education hours for the Florida Certification Board.

Author:  Leesa M. Robertson M.Ed., CAP, NCC, LMHC 

Relevance:  This course is designed for masters level counselors, addiction professions and nurses who have direct client contact.  


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Objectives of this Course:
  • Ensure that resident recovery plans are developed based upon the needs and wants of the resident and are continually updated to reflect the resident’s current physical and mental needs and limitations.
  • Plan, implement and maintain principles of resident-driven length of stay, participation and recovery planning within the recovery residence environment.
  • Offer recovery support services in formal and informal settings, as appropriate to the residence level of certification or license.
  • Implement and maintain residence policies that promote meaningful daily activities for all residents.
  • Implement and maintain principles of self-directed, holistic, and recovery-oriented practices within the recovery residence.
  • Assist residents to develop and implement self-directed recovery plans.
  • Assist and motivate residents to access and successfully navigate the array of community resources and recovery support services available to achieve and maintain recovery.
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Foster ethical, peer-based mutually supportive relationships between residents and staff as evidenced by policies and procedures that encourage residents to engage one another in formal and informal activities and conversations; and that coordinate community gatherings, recreational events or other social activities.
  • Wellness Strategies
  • Practical Living Skills (interpersonal Effectiveness)


Board Approvals:

Florida Certification Board

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Brief Description:

To ensure a workplace is productive, creative and safe employees must maintain an awareness and appreciation of each other.  This course explores workplace sensitivity.   


This course is not intended for continuing education hours.


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Objectives of this Course:

Upon successful completion of this course the user will be able to:

  1.  Have a better understanding of racism, harassment, and inappropriate behavior.
  2.  Understand how these issues negatively impact the workplace.
  3.   Identify ways to create an environment of mutual respect in the workplace.
  4.   Understand how to address issues.
Board Approvals:

This course is not for continuing education credit.

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