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Counseling and Social Services

Child Abuse In Florida


Upon successful completion the user will be able to:

1. Discuss the current statistics on child abuse in Florida.
2. List the types of abuse.
3. Discuss the signs of abuse.
4. Identify parental behaviors surrounding abuse.
5. Discuss risk factors of abuse.
6. Know how to make a report.
7. Understand who must make a report.
8. Be able to employ prevention strategies.
I. Introduction
II. Statistics
III. Mental Health Disorders, Addictions, and Related Issues
IV. Types of Abuse
A. Physical
B. Sexual
C. Emotional
D. Medical Abuse
E. Neglect
V. Signs of Abuse
VI. Symptoms of Abuse
VII. Parental Behaviors
VIII. Risk Factors
IX. Long Term Complications From Child Abuse
X. Effects of Abuse
XI. Reporting Abuse
XII. Prevention
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