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Compassion Fatigue in Mental Health


Upon successful completion of this course the learner will be able to:

  1.  Explain what Compassion Fatigue is.
  2.  Recognize in what professions or situations this usually occurs.
  3.  List the signs of Compassion Fatigue.
  4. List the symptoms of Compassion Fatigue.
  5. Discuss self-care.
  6.  Explain health boundaries.

I.  Compassion Fatigue Definition
II.  Secondary Traumatic Stress
III.  Signs and Symptoms
IV.  Who is at Risk
V.  Preventing Compassion Fatigue
VI.  Boundaries
VII.  Compassion Satisfaction
VIII.  Treatment
IX.  Self Care
X.  Self-Compassion
XI.  Worksheets
XII.  Conclusion


Course Content