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Counseling and Social Services

Florida Approved Qualified Supervisor Training-12 hours

The Florida Board of CSW, MFT, MHC requires professionals who would like to apply to be a supervisor of interns to complete a  “live” 12-hour Qualified Supervision course.  This course will meet that requirement. 

This is offered as a live broadcasted event (interactive webinar platform) over the course of two full days (9:00 am-4:00 pm).  

The course will review changes to the Florida laws and rules relating to interns and supervisors; discuss various electronic delivery systems for supervision and methods for ensuring confidentiality; discuss ethical, legal, and regulatory issues of supervision; review research of effective supervision models, review challenges in supervision and address how cultural issues can affect the supervisory relationship.

Course ID:  20-812786
Provider Number:  50-204

Next Offering Date:
Thursday March 7th & Friday March 8th 9-4 EST
Friday May 17th & Saturday May 18th 9-4 EST
Thursday August 8th & Friday August 9th 9-4 EST

For more course information and to learn how to register, email [email protected]

*This course is not included in any employer’s pre-paid partner program. 

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