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Counseling and Social Services

Treating Fear and Anxiety: Risk Perceptions In The Wake of The Pandemic, Protests and Economic Concerns


Upon successful completion of this course the  learner will be able to:

  1.  Discuss the difference between fear and anxiety.
  2.   Discuss the theoretical approaches to an individual’s hierarchy of needs.
  3.   Help clients create an environment that fosters feelings of security.
  4.   Explore techniques to reduce feelings of anxiety and isolation.
  5.   Discuss how talk therapy can assist clients.
  6.   Help clients learn their triggers and how to manage them.
  7.   Explore ways to diffuse anger.
  8.   Teach how to interrupt the cycle of ruminating thoughts.

Course Outline:
I.  Case Study
II.  Fear, Safety, and Anxiety
III.  Hierarchy of Needs Theoretical Approaches
IV.  Creating Feeling of Safety
        A.  Physical Safety
        B.  Emotional Safety
V.  Quick Fix
VI.  Social Connections       
VII.  Talk Therapy
VIII.  Fear Dictates Action
IX.  Triggers
X.   Anger
XI.  Interrupting the Cycle 
X.  Worksheets