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Psychedelics and Mental Health Treatment


Upon successful completion of this course the learner will be able to:

  1.  Discuss the history of psychedelics.
  2.  List the best-known psychedelics.
  3.  Explain how psychedelics can have therapeutic effects in treatment.
  4.  Discuss the potential risks of psychedelic use.
  5.  Understand how individuals seek these experiences.

I.  Exploration of psychedelic use
II.  History of psychedelics
III.  Best known psychedelics
     A.  Ketamine
     B.  LSD
     C.  MDMA
     D.  Psilocybin
IV. Psychedelics and the brain
V. Potential applications of psychedelics in mental health 
VI. Concern for potential abuse with psychedelics
VII.  Physical, psychological, and behavioral dangers of psychedelic drugs 
VIII.  Side effects of psychedelics
IX.  Psychedelic experiences and treatment 
     A.  Ayahuasca retreat 
     B.  Psychedelic-assisted therapy
X. Potential risk vs benefits of psychedelic therapy