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HIV Aids Awareness and Confidentiality


Upon successful completion of this course the learner will be able to:

1. Explain the definition of and the difference between HIV and AIDS.
2. Explore the prevalence of this disease in the United States and the world.
3. Identify how the infection is transmitted and what takes place in the body during the HIV phase and then the AIDS phase of the illness.
4. Explain the current prevention strategies.
5. Dispel common myths associated with this illness.
6. Explore the need for treatment for HIV.
7. Explain the confidentiality issues, as well as the duty to warn.
8. Identify the legal systems in place to protect the HIV-infected individual.
9. Explore appropriate aspects of treatment with an HIV-infected client.

I.  What Are HIV and AIDS
II. Clinical Presentation
III.  Prevalence
IV.  Diagnosis
V.  Prevention
VI.  Injectable Drug Use
VII.  Education
VIII.  Screening and Diagnostic Tests
IX.  Early Intervention
X.  Treatment
XI.  Reporting HIV/Aids
XII.  Working With Patients With HIV/Aids

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